The Life of Bobby Jones

Three bronze relief sculptures - 34"w x 48"h each

Single edition bronze triptych reliefs sold as a set.

Offered for $25,000.00. Inquiries welcomed here.

  • Life of Bobby Jones - 1916 Eastlake
  • Life of Bobby Jones - 1927 U.S. Amateur
  • Life of Bobby Jones - 1958 St. Andrews

1916 Eastlake

1927 U.S. Amateur

1958 St. Andrews

St. George Slaying the Dragon

Bronze 18"w x 26"h x 18"d, custom marble base & stand included

Second and final edition. (First edition is displayed at the Armor & Cavalry Museum, Ft. Benning, GA)

Offered for $12,500.00. Inquiries welcomed here.

Saint George Slaying the Dragon