Artist Tom Player passed away on Jan 8th, at age 83

"I would like to thank everyone who visits Tom Player's site, views his artwork and reads his stories. My father was a really good artist, a wonderful father and a great friend to many. His memory will be cherished and he is certainly missed. To read his obituary, please see below or click through. "

- Brett Player, Tom's son, one of five children

Thomas Adden Player, Jr.

Feb 4, 1940 - Jan 8, 2023

Thomas Player ATLANTA, GA - Born in Orangeburg, SC, Thomas Adden Player, Jr. was known to many by many different names. Tommy, Animal, Frog, Capt. Player, TAP Attorney at Law, Dad, Pappy, no matter what you called him the response was likely to be the same: a hearty greeting and a big hug. He passed away on January 9 at the age of 83. He attended Furman University, where he was student body president, lettered in football, and even managed to join the cheerleading squad with his partner-in-crime, Don Sentell. Having majored in Russian History, he made the somewhat surprising move to attend Law School at the University of Virginia and from there served as a Captain in Army Intelligence in Korea.

He moved to Atlanta in the 60s, where he established a successful legal practice with his law school friend, Ned Neely, although his greatest accomplishment at this time was meeting and marrying the love of his life, Sandra Williams. For 46 years, they never left each other's sides. Along with Sandra, he is remembered by his surviving children, Jake Player (Jill), Brett Player (Caroline), Greg Player (Jennifer), Cannon Sayers (Gary), Bailey Player (Amber) along with his grandchildren, Josh, Grey, and Beau (Jake), Emily and Kate (Greg), and Frankie and Trey (Cannon). Although none of these perhaps received quite the attention as his dogs, the surviving being Hope and Zelda.

Winding up his legal career at Morris, Manning, and Martin, Tom ventured upon a second career as a sculptor, one that proved equally as successful as is evidenced by pieces that remain on display at Furman University, The National Infantry Museum, UVA, Grace Church Cathedral, and the Booth Western Museum. Energetic all the way to the end of his life, he was also an avid traveler and fisherman and maintained a standing appointment with his Tuesday golf group at the Ansley Country Club. Nothing perhaps tested his stamina and patience more though than being the Ace of a ragtag group known simply as the Atlanta Breakfast Club.

If you would like to further honor him, please go check out one of his sculptures. He would have liked that.